The 2nd Annual

Tourism Shala

Building a sustainable foundation for India's tourism sector.

Saturday, September 26 & Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sustainable Travel Network

Tourism is a powerful platform for experiential learning and sustainable development. In India, It is also a catalyst for opportunities that can eradicate poverty and preserve culture and heritage, while instilling a need to nurture our earth by connecting its diverse landscapes with citizens, both domestic and global.

Tackling injustices and carving new paths of discovery starts with leveraging diverse voices and levels of experience and knowledge from leaders in both rural and urban communities.

Ultimately, travel is a learning platform and through Sustainable Travel Network, we are building a community of lifelong learners who are consistently striving to do better. Through virtual and in-person educational experiences, policy creation, and community building, help create the future of travel, where people and the planet are placed first, helping the industry scale sustainably.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on India have been devastating, especially as we have watched our beloved tourism industry crumble before us.

However, as travel begins to open up in India and around the world, this is our opportunity as leaders for sustainable travel to create the new normal and a sustainable base for the tourism industry to thrive. 

At this year’s virtual Tourism Shala, we’re diving into innovative solutions for business models that have been stagnant and ineffective for far too long. We’re inviting leaders, influencers, innovators, students, and diverse voices among the tourism industry of India to share their stories, solutions, and lived experiences to tackle the needs for sustainability from an economic, social, environmental, and political level.

Join us to help build the future of travel, post COVID-19.

We are seeking speakers for our structured topics, panelists, and workshop facilitators who have lived experiences and knowledge to share with our community to help cultivate collaboration and solutions to the challenges our industry is currently tackling during COVID-19.

Our speaker session topics include:

  1. How to nurture sustainable tourism post-pandemic

  2. How to boost localization through travel

  3. Fostering collaboration across the hospitality and tourism sector

  4. Innovating tourism with social enterprise models

  5. How to engage domestic tourists in mindful travel

  6. How the tourism industry has affected local artisans

Our panels include:

  1. The Silent Stories of India’s Tourism Sector: In conversation with the vulnerable voices and leaders of projects experiencing the real challenges of COVID-19 on India’s tourism sector

  2. What’s Next? Connecting with communities that solely rely on tourism

Speaker applications are now open and will close on August 24th.


Apply to Speak

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Apply to be one of our featured speakers, panelists, or workshop facilitators.


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We are offering free and donation-based tickets to help us fund resources and tools that allow our volunteer-run team to continue leading this important work. If you are in a financial position to support a minimum of 250INR/$5, we ask you to please leave our free tickets to those who are currently facing financial difficulties.

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